Pecan Street Festival – An Annual Austin Tradition

Local vendors, street food, live music and lots of beer…whats not to love? Pecan Street Festival is a biannual Austin tradition that takes over the charming Sixth Street Historic District every spring and fall. It takes place on the first weekend of  May and the last weekend of September, and is a two-day celebration of art and food. Local Austin vendors tent up on sixth street for the weekend and showcase yummy treats, whimsical art and some fun weird stuff. It’s Austin for gods sake, weird is in our blood! Musu and I visit the festival every year and are always excited to see new vendors. Best part about the festival – free food samples :P. If you are foodies like us, you know exactly what we are talking about. We must have tried 10 different varieties of jerky – deer was probably our favorite! Sampled hot sauce so good it made us cry – that ghost pepper is a killer, and indulged in some decadent home-made jams, vinegar’s, spreads and salsas. The big highlight though is all the fun-fair food and tasty southern bites, think Cajun shrimp, grilled Alligator and big fat roasted turkey legs just the way Fred Flintstone likes them. Oh! and did I mention the festival is free…Yay! Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area visiting or just in need for some local fun.

Here are some of the highlights from the evening.

Let’s start the party!

DSC08787Texas treats!

Hmm...they are certainly cheaper than real roses
Hmmm….these are certainly cheaper than real roses and will last forever

Absolutely adore these Austin coasters which showcase local hot spots, food-trucks, graffiti art around the city and more. Makes a great gift or a cool collection.

6th street is one of the oldest historic districts in the city. Walking on 6th street feels like being in an old western movie set by day and crazy spring break party by night.

DSC08821Austin is proud to be weird

DSC08819Look at that colorful display…how can you walk away from that!

DSC08824Who doesn’t love Dream Catchers? We are suckers for anything that looks so pretty and also has a fascinating tradition.

DSC08825Everything is big in Texas and these gigantic Texas Taters are to die for (literally). You might just clog one of your arteries after eating this, but you have to try it at least once! It’s potato and deep fried…need I say more!

DSC08812 Let’s indulge in some southern flavors shall we? Anyone for Alligator meat?

photo This turkey leg is bigger than my face. So messy (ahem! napkins) but so delicious!!

DSC08827 I don’t think there is any festival or event, big or small without live music. Music is the soul of this city.

DSC08802 See…I told ya!!

DSC08817 My new look! I kinda like it

DSC08815 Musu didn’t want to feel left out!

There’s something for everyone

DSC08830 Aaaah! Post festival quiet time by lake Austin. A perfect end to a fun evening.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If your looking for more fun stuff to do in Austin, look forward to our posts in the “Get Local” section of our blog.

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