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Do you remember your first kiss? The first time you rode a bicycle? The moment you tried a Durian (a stinky fruit from Malaysia) or your first bungee jump? I know I do, and this is another first that I will remember forever .. My very first blog post!

Finally! I have a teeny tiny website where I can share my travel tips and stories with everyone and anyone who loves to travel as much as we do. The problem with travel is the more you do it the more you need it. It’s like an addictive drug that fuels your blood with that extra kick – that feeling of ecstasy. Travel makes us feel alive and free, it expands our knowledge and perspective on people, food, history, architecture, nature and more….whats not to love?


Travel – Our first LOVE!!

 I have always wanted to start a travel blog but hesitated. I’m not a professional travel writer who hops from one exotic destination to another with just a backpack on their shoulder .. that would be really fun though! Nor am I one of those spontaneous travelers who don’t know where they’ll be tomorrow. I am simply in love with travel and all the adventures that come with it. I am curious about people and cultures, and am always hungry to see, learn, feel, taste and live more. I live in Austin, the beating heart of Texas, a young city with an infectious vibe. A city famous for its music, food, culture, happy people, and a reputation for being weird. I love all the quirks Austin has to offer and will be sharing some of our favorite Austin hangouts and secrets we’ve discovered in last seven odd years of living in this amazing city.

Having a blast at Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival

Most of my adventures are with my partner in crime, Musu, who has grown to love travel as much as I do. We’ve been together for an eternity and have some great memories from all the adventures on our trips. We always try to incorporate a few thrills into our travels. We have zip-lined through rain forests in Costa Rica, hiked the stunning trails in the Swiss Alps, gone diving with Manta rays in Hawaii, and bet on kick boxing matches in Thailand.


Wreck diving in Maui, Hawaii

Travel is definitely a part of who we are and we can’t wait to share our travel adventures with you through stories, photos, tips and more. Welcome to Happy Travelling Feet, we hope you love it!

Here’s to another first, Cheers!!




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